How to Wear A Beret II

Beret hat, a popular cold weather accessory, not only keeps your head warm, but looks stylish, too! You can style your beret a number of ways or stick to a classic look with a black beret. When choosing the color of your beret, you can match your coat or your hair. You can also pick a bright color to add interest to your outfit. Pair your berets with your clothing to create a pulled-together look.

If you’re unsure about how to style the beret without looking like a cliché tourist visiting Paris for the first time, look no further than these women who’ve mastered the look both on and off Instagram. Plus, shop our favorites of the season.

Method II: Match for Military Beret

Step 1: Put the hat on your forehead.

The brim should be 1 inch (2.54 cm) above the eyebrows and close to the head. Make sure the edges are completely positive.

Step 2. Make the hat badge above the left eye.

The cap should be in the center of the left eye.

Step 3. Place the excess behind your right ear.

The excess part of the beret should be placed behind the right ear, at least above, not above the middle of the ear.

Step 4. Adjust the cap rope.

You can adjust the tightness of the beret by adjusting the rope. When you are satisfied, tie a knot, cut off the ends, and place the knot in the brim behind the beret.

Step 5.  Tie long hair at the back.

 Long-haired soldiers should put their hair in an army position where it will not affect the berets. The hair may not be put in the hat. But don’t show your hair below the front of the hat.

Step 6.  Wear your army rank logo on your hat badge.

Officers should wear a hierarchical hat badge, while enlisted soldiers should wear their authoritative organization logo at the centerpiece center.

Step 7. Know when to wear an army beret.

Military berets are worn at garrison locations with class A, B and C uniforms. They are not used for combat, training, or any occasion in which berets are impractical.

To wear a beret, start by tucking the brim up and under the excess fabric of the beret. Then, puff out the fabric of the beret by gently pulling on the top so it comes away from your head a bit. Next, tilt it to 1 side with the front pulled down to your eyebrow. Typically, a beret is worn with straight hair, but if you have curls then fluff them up on the side opposite to the beret’s tilt. If you want to pull your hair back, avoid high hairstyles and instead opt for low ponytails or braids.

To make a beret look nice when wearing it, It depends on what occasion you choose to wear it for. If you wear it casually, then shape it to the extent you think it looks nice, but if it is for specific group reasons, then make it look as sharp and similar to theirs as possible. It all just comes down to one thing: shape it as nicely as possible.



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